Which Weather App do you use?

So, as Canadians there's a few things we all have in common, a fondness for beer and hockey, stock in Tim Horton's, a hatred for anybody who thinks we say 'aboot'...

... but above all we love to bitch about our weather.  Doesn't matter where you are in this HUGE country... there's no escaping that fact.

Pop into any Tim Horton's in the nation and the first subject you can use to enter a conversation with strangers is "how about this weather?".

So, today I want to ask you, what app are you using to help you keep track of the weather.
There's just so many options... options that include widgets, include better forecasting, lockscreen widgets etc...

Which are you using?  We'll discuss the preliminary results in our Friday Night Hangout and tell you our choices for the #appcoliseum portion.
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  1. There are so many weather apps and I'm using 3 different ones lol

    1. whoah... 3 separate apps?
      which is your FAVOURITE then?

  2. Google now, used to be the weather network app, weather eye

  3. google now is good. I like 1weather too.

  4. I rotate between Weatherbug Elite, and Accuweather Platinum. I just downloaded Notification Weather (just the free version -- for now). So far I like the minimal/clean look. Time will tell how the features and accuracy play out.


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