Which Social Media Network ranks #1 [poll results]

So, recently Trendstream did some research on Social Networks... perfectly timed with our own poll.

They went through the social network and looked at "daily active users", and they came up with the answer that GOOGLE+ IS NOW #2.

2nd place behind the juggernaut of Facebook.

There's no denying it, Facebook has A BILLION users in its database.  Billion... with a B.

It's been around for some time, and has built up a huge following because of its nearly ubiquitousness.  But ... well ... G+ is growing!

But what about you guys?  That's global... how about our little teeny tiny corner of the universe that is the readership of +Android Coliseum ?

(you are sharing us about right?  trying to help us grow?  pwetty pweeze)

Well, I asked you the other day, and here's the results:

You can't really slice that any other way.  At least here, at almost a 6:1 ratio, people prefer Google+.

Tom wrote a great article that doesn't even scratch the surface why he, and many of you also, love G+ these days.

And, well, we're also a group of Googley folk here, what with our Android devices, and the deep integration that G+ has with Android only makes us have a predisposition to 'the circles'.

So... is this what you answered?  Remember, we said to pick one, and pick one only (if you had to pick).  Why did you answer the way you did?

Talk... discuss.