Videotron to be your source of Nexus 4 in Canada

So, remember way back when the Nexus 4 was to be available?  We all huddled around our F5 keys and mashed away hoping for one?

It reminded me of stories my dad would tell about going Christmas shopping when the Cabbage Patch dolls were all the rage.  People just hording in and stock flinging about... crazy.

We were like that, but all online.  In the US there's another option - TMobile would keep them in stock now and again.

Looks like for us Canadians, we may have an alternate option, thanks to Videotron.


So, yeah, it looks like VT just confirmed that they will have the Nexus 4 in stock on January 30th.  What they failed to say was:

  • How much
  • can you buy it if you're not a VT customer
I think the latter might be the biggest set back for some, so long as it's not a huge premium jump in the price over the Play Store.

And that's the debate I guess.  Do you sit around and hope that the Play Store gets more in and pay the $350, or do you just bite the bullet and get it now?

Ebay'ers have been hoping on the latter for some time now, some even charging up to $1,000.  Crazy.  Rumours have VT selling it for around $550.  That's about in line with what similarly equipped phones might be.

I've updated our database to have ? marks in the Nexus 4 row for the Videotron column.  Check it out.

My scare is that VT sells a true Nexus device, and that this isn't some carrier mucked about with version.

Want to check out my review of the nexus 4.  Tom also did one up.  Here's my video:


  1. I remember Videotron as my internet provider and they rock. The only downfall was their dl/up limit...

    I only hear good stuff about their cell phone plans and if I was living in Québec still, they would probably be my provider again. Although Koodo is also in Qc... ;)

    Go Nexus!


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