Uploading to Google Music with your Phone (in Canada)

Since we've started this blog, our biggest hit for an article thus far has been the "How to Get Google Music in Canada".

It's a great trick, and Google Music is the PERFECT cloud app for streaming - at least in my mind.

But, let's say you get a file on the go.  Someone says "Hey, here's the track I want you to practice" so they email it to you.  But you want it on the cloud so you can play it on your computer at the office.

Sure sure, you could probably save it to your desktop and play... but how can you do it "on the go"?
I love cloud - you should know that about me.  So ensuring  I have all my files there, when I want them there is important.

Getting files form your phone to the cloud is pretty simple.  Sure, it can be done with wires, but who likes wires any more?

  1. Get your MP3 file (for example my band shares a folder on Minus or Box) and download to your phone
  2. Go to the file on your device (I like to use Solid Explorer to browse my phone's directories)
  3. Share that file to Dropbox (long press and choose 'share'; on SE it's "Send")
  4. Choose a folder in Dropbox to upload it to (I created one called 'for upload to gMusic')


Okay, so it's in Dropbox... so what?  Well, if you have the Dropbox software on your computer, it means it's now on your hard drive.

Well, now go to the Google Play Music uploader software on your computer and ensure that that Dropbox folder is being scanned for files to upload.

As it scans, it'll upload that file to the Google Cloud!

It seems like a long convoluted way, but if you can't install the uploading software to your work computer, or you just don't to use cables and want to access it on another device (say a tablet), this works.  It just may take a while.  Uploading to Dropbox works quickly, and downloading/syncing to your computer is also quick... but uploading to Google Music seems to take a while.

And you could do this with SugarSync, or Box, etc... anything that would sync your phone with your computer that uploads to the Music cloud.

The only caveat is that your computer would have to be ON at home for this to work and not in a hibernate mode.  I never turn my computer off.

Also, unless you use SugarSync or DropSync to auto scan the folder on your phone to upload, you'll have to manually share to the intermediate cloud service.

Give it a try!


  1. This is also working anywhere else in the world. Thanks for the tip! :)


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