That fancy looking Sony Xperia ZL going to Bell

Talk to a few of the Android fan guys who went to CES2013 and they'll tell you the Xperia Z was a dead sexy phone (out of a massive array of newly announced devices).

Well, unfortunately for us Canucks, we weren't slated to receive, but it's step-brother the ZL will be making its way to us via Bell.
This comes from a tip to Mobile Syrup with some screenshots.

If you look at the screenshots you'll see some Bell bloat.

People are excited to note that the bootloader appears to be unlocked.  Which is cool!  But... seeing as this is an early tip, maybe they have a dev model to begin with.

Fingers crossed.

In anticipation, I've updated our Canadian Android Database to reflect there's potential pricing for Bell (scroll to the bottom to switch to the 'carrier costs' tab/sheet).