Soon You Can Text 911 for Emergencies

This is a little outside of my usual element of posts on +Android Coliseum, but I think this is so fantastic, I couldn't resist sharing it.

The CRTC announced enhancements to the 911 telephone services in Canada. The enhancements are to target hearing or speech impaired individuals get the emergency help they need should the situations arise.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced enhancements to 911 services that will enable Canadians who have hearing or speech impairments to communicate with 911 call centres via text message. Telephone and wireless companies must upgrade their networks to support this new feature by January 24, 2014.
The CRTC's decision follows a 2012 trial to assess the feasibility of rolling out such a feature on a national basis. The trial involved the participation of telecommunications companies, Canadians with hearing or speech impairments and 911 call centres in Vancouver, Toronto, Peel Region and Montreal.
These are snippets from the CRTC full article which can be found here.

I know it mentioned that this service is for the hearing and/or speech impaired persons, but this will also benefit rare cases for the average joe as well.

Watching shows such as America's most wanted, you normally hear about some female hiding in a closet while a burglar thrashes through her belongings. Imagine she could new text 911 being totally silent, rather then trying to whisper to the operator without alerting the unwanted guest.

A silent way to call 911 which could benefit a variety of situations without calling attention to yourself

[Source: CRTC]