Samsung drops some info on their new lines [Galaxy Note 8, SIV, etc...]

Trying to watch the Star Wars movies with my son has been difficult, as we're watching it 'flashback style'.  The segmenting of the timelines is a little jarring for him (he's 5), but even trickier is trying to explain the roman numerals for 4 and 5 etc...

Why am I telling you this, well... it's my segue into the rumour mill surrounding the new Galaxy line of devices coming out.  Namely the Galaxy SIV, and the Galaxy Note 8.

If you've listened to my rants before, you'll know that if there's one thing I dislike, it's sequentially numbered things.  Oh, and rumours.  This article has both.
So what do I mean?

Samsung recently had their roadmap fall into the 'wrong hands' (i.e. it leaked) and some pouring over the details provides some glimpse at the new devices coming out.

Well, first up is the not-so rumoured Galaxy Note 8.

I'll give it that this thing isn't a 'sequentially numbered' device, as the 8" screen gives it it's name.  However, I really REALLY don't want to see a Galaxy Note 8 2, or a Note 2 8... like they did with the Galaxy Tab.  That's a nightmare.

The Note 8 might be pretty cool.  We've typically only ever seen tablets as 7 or 10.  There were some weirdo jobbies at 9.4" (looking at you Sony), or the iPad mini at 7.9"... so having some variety is nice.  But what does 8" offer over 7".  The 7's are a bit 'small' for a tablet I've found, but 10" is just a tad cumbersome for day to day usage.  Maybe there's a space in the market for it.  Plus with the stylus, you know it's a winner.

Looking at the 'leaked' shot of the 8 it looks like it might be alright.  The predominantly 'upright' (portrait) style like the Nexus 7.  Not too shabby.

Here's the Note 8 specifications:

Galaxy Note 8

  • 8" @ 1280x800 LCD
  • 1.6GHz x4 (RAM not specified)
  • Android 4.2
Next up is some more 'Galaxy' devices, that for brevity sake, I'll just drop the "Galaxy" part.  There's the Young, the XCover 2, & Pocket Plus (or Pocket+ ?)

Galaxy Young
  • 3" @ 480x800
  • 1GHz
  • Android 4.1
  • eta April
Galaxy XCover 2
  • ruggedized (water & dust resistant)
  • eta February
  • 4" @ 480x800
  • 1GHz x2
  • Android 4.1
  • 4GB storage
  • 5MP camera
  • microSD
Galaxy Pocket Plus
  • 2.8" @ 480x320
  • 850MHz
  • Android 4.1
  • eta soon (dual SIM in February)
So, those are the ones we can probably expect to see at Mobile World Congress.  And, right now, it's just rumour - so sit back and wait a few weeks.

What we won't see at MWC is the Galaxy SIV, or S4... SGS4...SGSIV... ugh.

There's so many rumours floating around about devices that it's starting to feel like an Apple Store.  Anyways, there was rumour the SGS4 might be at the CES, then it might be at MWC... now it seems pretty certain that they'll probably do with it, as they did with the SGS3.  Just have their own party:  Samsung Unpacked.

Remember the Galaxy S line?  That launched at CTIA in June of 2010.  Then in 2011 at MWC the S2 was released in February.  Last year they held their own product launch for the S3 called "Unpacked" in May of 2012.  So there's not really been a consistency, but with the huge success of the Galaxy S series (over 100 million now sold), having them do their own event is entirely plausible.

Rumours of the next "Unpacked" event place it after MWC around March or April of this year.

What will it have?  Here's the ones that are pretty consistently rumoured:
  • 5" @ 1080x1920
  • Exynos 5 x8 (octocore) [2GHz??]
  • Mali-T658 GPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 13MP / 2MP cameras
  • wireless charging
  • 2600mAh battery (that's over 20% more than the S3's)
  • Android 4.2.1
I like the 'potential shot' that somebody grabbed, as it doesn't have the button at least.  I hated the button.

Okay, so, we have 1 post with 5 GALAXY devices.  Galaxy line, which has been around since 2009.  And now has about 50 iterations including a CAMERA!

Seriously, that's a lot of Galaxy.  Time to retire the line.  Please... no more.  Time to come up with something different.  And stop naming things either by the shape (because what will you call the next one?); and stop naming sequentially... I forget which Superman is which, and Star Wars only because they give it titles to help.  It's time to 'innovate' not only with your products, but in teh 


  1. Well if they were trying to confuse people with all these they've surely succeeded!


  2. I sure hope they don't use the same Galaxy SIV it just looks ugly on paper.
    I think a more likely named would be Galaxy 4. A shorter name while keeping it simple. No need to put "S" in everything. Another company already does that with "I"

    iDon't get it.

  3. It's branding. There will be the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy S/Tab, and the mid then lower end. Yes it is like iDevices. Who has as big a name? Next could well be the Galaxy Scroll or Galaxy Flex. I agree it's time to retire the numbers though .


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