My weather app AIX Weather widget

When you live in an area with very changeable weather, the weather app you use can help you be prepared for the day ahead.

The Canadian Prairies, the land of wild weather changes. 25 years ago I had walked to school at -20C wearing mukluk only to wade home around 3, skipping from snow bank to snow bank trying to avoid wet feet because mukluks are for cold dry weather. Yesterday I drove from Edmonton through sprays of water only to wake up to -24C this morning. Not only is a good weather widget important but it must be be accurate. The one I keep on my home screen is AIX weather widget. It's set to my home city so I can know what to prepare for as I get ready to leave for the day.

AIX weather is a 4x1 widget that gives a wealth of information and you can have the widget refresh as frequently as you want. Along with the temperature trends (the colour of the line is blue for cold and red for warm/hot), there are weather icons for the changing weather and probability of precipitation indicated by a blue bar graph. It even gives sun rise and sun set information with shaded areas indicating night time. For the graph above I can expect daylight around 8 am and dusk around 5pm (yes my days are short in the winter).

As for accuracy, the data is sourced from either the Norwegian Meteorological Institute or NOAA National Weather Service. I've found it to be fairly consistent with The Weather Network, which is the gold standard for Canadian weather. I have found in the past that weather apps didn't include enough accurate weather stations in my area, this problem has largely gone away.

Whether it's deciding what coat to wear or planning an outdoor activity later, I've found this widget to be invaluable. Hope you give it a try.