Quick App Introduction: Mediafire v1.0.1

An app for which I've been using the web version for years have just been released on Android.

Very good app for an initial release with mostly all the options you could need from this file sharing/storage service. Nice and clean UI; very easy to use and intuitive. It's about time +Mediafire releases an Android app. I'm very delighted about it and I'm sure a lot of other users are too.

Make sure to get the app from the Play Store! 50GB of free storage is a lot! You can always upgrade your subscription to get more features from the web interface and get more storage too.

I like that the icons show exactly what kind of file you have since we cannot see the extension as soon as the file name is too long. In this case, you can see that my Friday Night Hangout folder contains audio and video files. There is no long-press on files or folders yet; you have to use the down arrow at the right of any file/folder to access the options.

The app lets you create a new folder, upload a file, take a picture, take a video and even upload your gallery. When you click onto settings, there are not too many settings to play with, although I'm not too sure what other settings we could hope for other than the one about having access to the app and the file list without an internet connection.

My only drawback so far is the absence of offline support. You absolutely have to be online if you want to get into the app, otherwise you get the nasty message as you can see below:

Are you a +Mediafire user? Will you be using the Android app? What other options could you hope for? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Get it on Google Play


  1. I have a personal account with Mediafire for only $18/year and a lot more options than the free accounts. I'm a happy camper!

    1. Nice, you beat me to the review! I've added it to the cloud database in our database on the top tab.


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