Poll - Which Social Media service is your #1?

One of the things I love is data.

I love to ask questions - kind of like my 5 year old.  So I like getting information about who it is that is listening/reading/following us.  It only makes sense so that we tailor how we interact with each other.  We love hearing from you guys.

+Tom Gray was preparing an article the other day about his choice for this before we did the poll, and lately I've had to put in all our social media info in a couple of our sites, so it made sense to write this as the post:

Which social media reigns supreme for you?
image used with permission
Ameena Falchetto

It's no secret that we hear at Android Coliseum are kinda big on our Google+, we are a group of folk who like the Google platform of things, so we gravitate there, but that doesn't mean that we have to focus only on that.  I want to ensure that we contact the community wherever they may be.



  1. 1) Facebook -- most of my long-distance friendships and relatives are on there, plus some discussion groups I'm a member of
    2) Twitter -- keep up with people's lives
    3) Google Plus -- mostly lurk, trying to decide if its gonna become more popular with people I know or if its gonna die a quiet death. (Not saying it's dead or a ghost town, but for me its next to useless)

    1. true, most of my 'friends IRL' folk... so it's an easy way to keep contacts with them that have moved away.

      That being said, it just enables my laziness, and that if they really are friends I should call them (hypocrite, yes, I know).

      For me G+ is a great way to stay in contact with my topics that I do care about. The 'community' for interests just isn't the same elsewhere.

  2. Twitter seems the easiest, but I find myself on G+ more and more.

    1. i found it too 'simple' so the 'conversation' couldn't be had.


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