Play Magazines linking real world subscriptions [but not in Canada]

Google's Play into the 'online store' has really blossomed in 2012.  They changed the name and then started adding after apps the music, movies, books, magazines, devices...

But there was criticism over the fact that "I already get the magazine delivered, why do I want a digital copy?"  Well, that's a dumb question... a better question was "why would I be charged for the digital if I paid for the real?"

If you didn't buy the regular subscription, then it wouldn't matter to you, but those of you who supported the printing industry it did.

Well, it looks like starting today that changes.
If you look at their new description for the Magazines section on subscriptions you'll see a description now for 'existing subscriptions'.

it clearly states for US only

Cool and all... but...

What about us Canadians?  As usual, I always take new Google News with a modicum of skepticism; we're not high on the priority unfortunately (despite how I was saying that 2013 would be the year that Canada gets included).

So I checked it out - I'm not a magazine subscriber, but just as a science test...'s what I got:

No option like they were saying ... having the "FREE with validation of subscription" option.  I tried a bunch. I even looked up that Conde Nast magazine they suggested.  No go.

Unfortunately we just can't take advantage of it... yet... hopefully soon.  Which, even though I'm not excited about magazines, it'd be an indication that Google's moving to include us in all the rest of their products.

(starting to feel like Rudolph here, and not being let to join in any of the reindeer games)