Oh so close! - International S2 gets JB 4.1.2

Man, oh so close as the international versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 gets their latest firmware update.

If you've watched the history of updates in the past, typically this is the one area where Canada does better than our US counterparts.  Getting the Asian version of the phones to get the update first, then the Euro (then International versions) will get it.

Usually then it's followed by Canadian variants before the US. So... fingers crossed that 'ours' is just around the corner.
I know a literal TON of folk with the Galaxy S2 phone, and I pushed them to get the ICS update, but they were slow to respond.  Getting the JB offers way more than what the ICS added... Google Now will be THE thing they will HAVE TO get for their device.

What does this update entail?  Now, there's no real telling that what the international variants are getting means that that's what we'll get here, nor will it be the same for the S2, S2X, S2LTE etc...  but my fingers are crossed.

So, aside from Google Now, it looks like you'll be upgraded (when time comes) to get the more 'features' that the newer S3 had, like Smart Stay (i.e. it watches you and stays on while you watch it), auto call (if you put the phone to your ear during a text message or seeing a missed call), and potentially that 'pop up video' (heh, that reference is for me).

Remember, recently Telus and Rogers updated us that the updates are now pushed back until late/mid February (but you never know).  I'll keep you updated on our database when it is available.

Here's some shots from Android Authority

I'm assuming that, like the S3, if you do the long press on the button (for button'd models) you'll get the option for Now.

Let us know if you see any early hints of your phone getting it!