Nova Launcher pumps up to 2.0!

Nove Launcher, my all time favorite launcher from TeslaCoil Software has released another great update with many great additional features to their Android world famous launcher.

For some crazy reason that you've never heard of Nove Launcher before, it's basically JellyBeans stock launcher that's enhanced and opened up to allow you to tweak nearly everything you could possibly want to.

Nove Launcher updated to include the following features into their already feature loaded monster of a launcher.
  • Custom Icon Size (Prime)
  • Swipe actions on any desktop icon (Prime)
  • Custom wallpaper cropping
  • Increase maximum desktop grid size
  • Infinite Scroll Drawer Setting
  • Alphabetical list drawer style
  • Small Icons Dock Setting
  • Force wallpaper scrolling on USA SGS2
  • Aggressive Desktop Setting (Keep in memory)*
  • Lower memory usage
  • Improve scrolling performance
  • Fixes, optimizations and tuning
  • *"Retrieve Running Apps" used for Aggressive Desktop and warning when multiple launchers are running
This update also addresses some 4.2.X minor issues that some users were experiencing.
If you've never used Nove Launcher, or simply haven't updated it yet, I highly suggest checking it out today!


  1. It is my launcher of choice and like many others, I was able to get it during the ¢25 sale :)

    1. Very nice! I think I paid 1.99 for mine over a year ago when ICS first came out.

  2. I have been using Nova Prime for about a year now too. I love the different choice of folder background arrangement.


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