My Twitter App - Falcon Widget

I've been a long time user of Plume but with all the buzz around Falcon Pro I thought I would try that app. It doesn't have a widget so I turned to Falcon Widget and it works well for me.
I really think that the twitter app you choose depends on what you use twitter for and how you like to look at it. I like to view twitter through a scrollable widget on a home screen. Plume has had that feature for ages (in internet time) while Falcon Pro doesn't have that feature at all.

From the hangout, it seems that some people just picks one social network. I was on Twitter before I got on Google+ . I never did use it to follow friends who posted about what they ate or even where they were. I used it to let me know when something new might be on my RSS feed. Cool things have happened, I followed Neil Finn (of Crowded House) and he followed me back - this is the closest I'll get to a celebrity.

The widget is customizeable, for transparency, font size and colour and you can set the display to grid or list. The widget does count your unread tweets and will move to the top of your feed on your widget. I don't mind that but some users might. If you tap the Falcon head you can select the twitter app you want to launch so I've picked Falcon Pro. You can refresh your feeds, post and switch between your feed and mentions. You can, of course, tweet from the widget.

The feature I really like is when you tap on a tweet, it opens a window and the link is opened or it shows related tweets. With Plume I still had to tap the app to get the page to open.

For a couple of reasons, I seem to only monitor twitter on mobile devices so my twitter app is very important. I am waiting for Falcon Pro to get a widget since I really like how it shows YouTube videos within the browser while Falcon Widget bumps you over to the YouTube app. Not bad but not as nice as Falcon Pro. 

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