My screen setup (Sylvain)

More and more people own a smartphone these days. There's a few hundred thousand apps available on the Play Store. But there's one thing that is unique: each and everyone's screen's setup.

And today I am sharing mine.
I often see naked screens to accommodate the wallpapers and for the longest time I was running my phone with no wallpaper (just a black screen). Recently I came across a nice wallpaper that came with AOKP. Just a dark AOKP logo with a samurai in foreground. I've had this wallpaper for a few weeks now. I'm running AOKP latest official release (Android 4.2.1) with Nova Launcher Prime on my Galaxy Nexus.

Let's show off!

I have 5 screens and my main one is in the center; I have 2 screens on the left and 2 on the right.

Main Screen:

First screen to the left:

Second screen to the left:

First screen to the right:

Second screen to the right:

  • Titanium Backup action widget: Reboot the device
  • CSipSimple widgets: Used to register/unregister my VoIP numbers.

My Dock (5 icons)

  • Phones folder: Phone and CSipSimple (VoIP client for FongoVoIP.MS and
  • Camera with swipe gesture to open HDR Camera+
  • App Drawer with swipe gesture to toggle my sound on/off (feature available in AOKP)
  • Chrome Beta with swipe gesture to open my bookmark
  • Plume Premium "new tweet action" with swipe gesture to open the app Plume

Navigation bar:

  • Back: Long press action: kills the app I'm in.
  • Home: Long press action: Google Now
  • Recent apps: Long press action: Screenshot 
  • Power button: I prefer to use a software button to shut my screen off rather than using my hardware button.
  • Menu buttons: the menu buttons are available on both side of my navigation bar for more convenience.

Screen 6...
I occasionally use an extra screen to test the widgets and sometimes put a few icons of new apps...

So this is my current setup. I will change a few icons around the next time I update my ROM but until then, that's gonna stay like that. Just like my phone, I like to keep my screens as they are and not change them very often.

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