My screen setup (i.e. Ryan is cluttered)

Yesterday I have you a glimpse of who I am by giving you some of my history of my Android evolution. Today I wanted to show you a little bit more of who I am by showing you my current setup.

Currently I'm using my Nexus 4 device and an Asus eeePad, however I really don't use the TF101 so much anymore. The Nexus 4 just recently replaced my Galaxy S3, and although it's almost a month old now I still am figuring it out... Or at least configuring it appropriately.

First off, in the screen shots, you'll see my main bottom row is 4 folders:

  • Folder 1 - dialer, contacts, calendar, voice and GrooveIP
  • Folder 2 - Camera, Gallery, Snapseed
  • Folder 3 - messaging, Talk, Skype, Messenger, IM+ Pro
  • Folder 4 - Chrome & Chrome beta

You'll also noticed the wallpaper is Paperland Pro, something +Cass Morrison talked about during one of our live Hangouts in the #AppColiseum.

Screen 1 - far left
This is my social media panel as I have the Facebook widget and a folder of Twitter, FB, FB Page Admin, Pinterest, SchemerLinkedIn, etc...  I also have a folder for Blogger, AdSense, Analytics.
Then I have my cool 'searchers', Goggles and SoundHound

Screen 2 - left
This is my G+ page, it's just the widget.

Screen 3 - centre
My calendar widget, Tasks widget, Weather Eye and Gmail and Email icons.  I debated about making separate icons/shortcuts to each account (I have about 6 amongst the 2 apps), but nah...

Screen 4 - right
This is my 'files' and distractions panel.  I have a folder for file explorers like Astro, Solid Explorer, and Airdroid as well as one just for my cloud services (I use Minus, Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Drive).
Then I have my games.  All the Angry Birds (regular, Rio, Seasons, Space and Star Wars) as well as Amazing Alex & Bad Piggies.  There's Where's my Perry and Where's my Water and Cut the Rope (& experiments).  Oh, and of course Ingress.
I have my reading apps (Reader, Aldiko, Currents, Play Books, Play Magazines & Perfect Viewer); then my media (Play Music, Youtube, Play Movies, Netflix, aVia).

Screen 5 - far right
My tracking page with Cash Droid, Mileage, TD & Paypal.  Endomondo and other mapping apps (like Maps, Local, Sky, Earth, Navigation).
I have Fig and Tokii (which I still have yet to use), a metronome, then NFC Task Launcher and Tag Writer.
Then, even though ICS and on keeps track I have a data counter widget.

I really didn't think it was that cluttered until I did this article... but yeah, holy cluttered.

I need to de-clutter.  Minimalize.  So many of those apps I rarely use on a daily basis - let a lone a weekly basis.