More availability for Nexus 4 in Canada in February

So, yesterday I told you that Videotron was going to be carrying the Nexus 4 on January 30th.

This didn't seem so odd as Tmobile in the US carried it, plus a retailer in Australia was also going to be carrying it.

Sounds good.  Well, it looks like the talk the other day by Larry Page that he's working on ensuring proper inventory flow for the device is working.  More carriers will be getting the device in February it looks like!

Fido is looking to step up to the plate to offer the device:

Not the parent carrier, Rogers, yet tho'... but who knows.  With Bell recently discounting the Galaxy Nexus, it may just be a possibility that "ma Bell" may not want to be outshone on having THE most 'in demand' device out there.

As soon as we hear word on pricing, we'll let you know, PLUS we have that database:

(check sheet 2 for prices on the carriers)


  1. This is great news!
    but by the time the carrier releases it, it shouldn't be in such high demand anymore and would likely be able to order online for half the price, rather than the likely price of $599 our Canadian carriers will charge.


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