Last day for CES 2013 (Hangout Topic tonight)

Last day for CES 2013.  By my count I've logged over 75+ Android devices (and some of those entries are multiple items) seen.

Want to see yourself?  Check it out.

So here it is, the last day.  There's been some really cool things let out, obviously, and some not so cool things.

All in all, it really points at an awesome 2013 for technology.

What items are you awaiting for?  Hold off on that Nexus 4 for some of the new super super phones (super mega phones?)?

Part of our Friday Night Hangout tonight we'll be talking about CES and our hopes for 2013!

Friday Night Hangout - event page
Friday Night Hangout - topic page

See you guys tonight!


  1. Are gaming units going to be a thing? Archos and Nvedia showed them.

    1. I don't know how 'big' a thing they'll be, but there were a few kickstarter projects around that thing... the OUYA was one and we saw it at CES a fair bit... moga and similar remote controllers... gaming will be an option... just not sure how widespread it'll be.


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