Ingress Invite Giveaway! Watch our FNH

You know you want to be playing Ingress!  It's a great game (I should do up a review, but have held off as I didn't want to 'tease').

Well, thanks to the +Niantic Project we've got our hands on some invites!  This is something that many of you are dying to get your hands on, and we have 5 of them!

Which would you join?  Resistance (bah), or Enlightened (yah)?
How are we going to do the giveaway?  Well, tune in to our Friday Night Hangout and we'll fill you in on all the details.

When's our Friday Night Hangout?  Friday Night at 11 PM EST.

For those of you not on Google+ we will have a link up and out there for the youtube video, so you won't miss out on the opportunity for the Ingress Invites.


  1. Surprisingly, I lost all interest in Ingress... Not having much opportunities to do anything surely didn't help... Oh well!

    1. just keep submitting photos as portal suggestions... eventually more comes.

    2. I'm with you on that one Sylvain. Exact same problem for me. I just fell away and did more important things.

  2. I don't play every day, but I play when I'm out around town. Not enough people participating at this point either, but it's also closed beta, so it's expected.

    I finally got the chance to attack an portal last night and make it mine again.

  3. What I really need is a complete guide for dummies :)


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