How to get your OTA update faster

[UPDATE:  In essence as a PSA, don't try this... nowadays the Google Cloud Messenger is integral to a lot of apps, and this could just bork them... read +Dan Morrill's thoughts on the issue:]

So, a while ago I pointed out that one of the things you must do with your phone is get the updates that are available to it.  Often when an update is available (and we keep track of which ones are available at our database page) it'll tell you it's available.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes people saw the notice, but dismissed it.

Not cool.

Getting the latest updates for your phone means you get the latest software features.  Upgrading from Gingerbread to ICS gets you HOLO and talk to text.  ICS to JB gets you Google Now, Project Butter, etc...
Sometimes you have an update available, but your phone's not getting it.  Here's how to speed that up and ensure you get that update.
As I said, getting the latest updates is important for your phone.  Many newer apps are adding in functionality just for that firmware update and ... well, you don't want to be left out of the party do you?

So, you check your phone for the update, but ... it's not showing up!  What?  You checked our database, and our latest post said you'd get it.  What gives?  Here's a video to help

Didn't care to watch the video?

  1. Click menu / settings / about phone
  2. Click check for update
No go?
  1. Click menu / settings / apps
  2. swipe over to the "All" category
  3. scroll down for Google Services Framework and click it
  4. click "clear cache" and "clear data"
  5. hit home
  6. go into your dialer
  7. type in:  *#*#2432546#*#*
  8. wait for the notification "checkin succeeded"
  9. Now go and try checking for your update.
The 2 times that I've had to 'wait' for an update, that caused it to happen in minutes instead of in some cases hearing about days.

**NOTE:  that not all phones / firmwares allow access to this setting menu... so... you'll have to try and see.  (i.e. like TouchWiz disables this setting)


  1. Why do i didnt get the notification after typing the number. Im using galaxy note2

    1. I guess I should clarify that some phone firmwares do block that access.


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