How do you use NFC [poll]

see what I did there?  made you look
So, I just announced the results of the previous poll, and that can only mean one thing.

Time for another poll.

I love these polls, short, quick, and gives me some insight into who you are.

Today's poll comes from the Ingress Invite winners from the previous week, where 2 of them asked to do the same poll:  What do you use NFC for?

It's no secret NFC is the 'cool' thing these days, but it's full potential, and even sometimes the 'day-to-day' potential can be lost on some.  How do you use them?
So, I've really wanted NFC ever since they announced it.  It reminded me so much of the ol' Palm BEAM back in the day.  I needed to have it.

Then when I got my Galaxy Nexus I was upset that Wallet couldn't be used, and that there really wasn't that much to do with it by yourself.

Then Samsung made those videos:

That made it pretty cool.  But how are YOU using it?