Google Challenges you to Hack their Chrome OS

Just as the title says, Google is challenging all the hackers out there with a cash reward for successfully hacking their Chrome OS. Of course with any challenge such as this, there's going to be a list of rules and conditions.

If you think you have what it takes to challenge Google's security and claim your prize of $110,000+, then you'll want to check this out.

So according to Google at The Chromium Blog, they want to test the security of Google's Chrome OS.

Today we’re announcing our third Pwnium competition—Pwnium 3. Google Chrome is already featured in the Pwn2Own competition this year, so Pwnium 3 will have a new focus: Chrome OS.
We’ll issue Pwnium 3 rewards for Chrome OS at the following levels, up to a total of $3.14159 million USD:
$110,000: browser or system level compromise in guest mode or as a logged-in user, delivered via a web page. 
$150,000: compromise with device persistence -- guest to guest with interim reboot, delivered via a web page. 
We believe these larger rewards reflect the additional challenge involved with tackling the security defenses of Chrome OS, compared to traditional operating systems.
Some of the conditions are you must successfully perform your breach using a Wifi Model of the Samsung Series 5 550 Chrome Book.

That's a little hard for us Canadians as it seems a little tough to get your hands on a ChromeBook here in Canada, most places I've seen are US only. Even the Google page to order this linked above is UK and US only, but this is a very interesting challenge nonetheless.

If you want to get the full story and list of rules and details, check out Google's Chromium Blog.