Google+ App updated!

Just the other day we did a poll asking you "what's your favourite social media".

And by our results, it's clear you're Google+ fans!

Well, seeing as this is a blog about people using phones and apps, and it seems as tho' y'all love the plus, then yesterday's update is just music to your ears.  (See what I did there?  Music also updated)
The update I found out about, ironically, on Google+ itself.  My play store is a little slow on the notifications (like when I go and install an app from the web it takes a while to get to my phone, if it ever does - usually have to jump start it by going to 'my apps').

Here's +Brian Glick 's post:

Brian Glick
New community features in the new Android app

Today’s new Android app (v3.5) makes it easier to manage your Google+ community from your phone or tablet. We’ve got lots more planned, but for starters, moderators can now:

- Promote, remove, or ban members from their community
- Restore or remove posts that were flagged as possible spam

Separately, and by popular demand: it’s now possible to attach clipboard links to posts, and there’s lots more room to read your notifications. Today’s update is rolling out now to Google Play (, so give it a try, and let us know what you think!


And he attached some photos to go along with it.

Essentially you're going to see it's got a new look to the notifications.  You'll now have better link sharing (i.e. webclips!) and some improved community ability.


Go grab the update now!

Get it on Google Play