Galaxy S2+ at CES?!?!

CES... the mecca of all cool tech gadgetry.

I have heard that it's like a marathon for the bloggers.  My fear of that much walking aside, I'd still love to be there.

I've been trying to keep up with the blog posts from those that are there, like +Derek Ross, et. al. over at my database of "ALL THINGS ANDROID AT CES 2013".

One of the last things I expected to hear doing this look at all things futuristic was a Galaxy S2 Plus.
We've seen Google Glass competitors, flexible screens, octo-cores, etc...  Stuff of the future.

So hearing about a Galaxy S2 Plus... it quirked my eye.

Here's the stats as we've understood:

  • 4.3" @ 800x480
  • 1.2GHz x2
  • 8MP / 2MP
  • 1GB RAM
  • JB 4.1.2
Not impressive really, when compared to some of the devices, even pre-CES.  Maybe some of those Polaroid or Archos items will be comparable.

But this is Samsung!!

And let's take a look at the regular stats of the Galaxy S2 LTE (you can find all stats of current devices over at our CANADIAN ANDROID DEVICES database)

Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE
  • 1.5GHz x2
  • 1GB
  • 4.5" @ 480x800
  • 16GB
  • Yes
  • 8MP / 2MP
  • Gingerbread 2.3 Shipped (ICS 4.0.4 updateable)
Hmm... what's the diff?  Well, you lose .2", lose .3GHz.  But you gain JellyBean.  Didn't the Galaxy S2 get a promised update late January?  (again... another database - DEVICE FIRMWARE UPDATE).

Not much of a bump... AT ALL.  Why would you release this at CES of all times?  At least Apple will wait until their event to let out their outdated iPhone mini (where I'm sure they'll convince the iSheep that the 2 year old technology packaged together is a thing of magic).

I'm shaking my head.

Why not just update the current device?!