Galaxy Nexus discontinued/discounted on Bell

I had thought most companies had discontinued the Galaxy Nexus already.  I recall noting that it was a pretty short shelf life for a phone.

Well, add Bell to that list of "goobye GNexus" groups, as it's marking them down to move the remaining inventory.
$350 for a new Galaxy Nexus.  It's no 'fire sale' like the TouchPad, but it's tempting.  The Nexus 4 is that much, but you get so much more... but there's a nice 'classiness' to the Galaxy Nexus.  Even with all its YAKJUUX'ness to it.

My wife broke hers a while back, and it's just sitting on my computer desk while I ponder what to do with it.  A new screen is $250... but a whole new device is $350?

from Mobile Syrup:

I just like it for nostalgic sake as it was my first true 'nexus' device and first time I've bought a phone outright.

The 'rumour' (shudder) is that removing this Nexus automatically means that the Nexus 4 can take its place.

And we've heard that Videotron will carry the Nexus 4... but does that necessarily mean that one Nexus out = one Nexus in?


  1. I bought one on Kijiji for $200 and love it, big fan of the Nexus devices.

  2. but a true yakju/takju or a canadian variant?

  3. My heart is broken. Just like when they discontinued the HTC Hero. RIP.

  4. The Galaxy Nexus is still available from Fido for $350 off contract.
    I was thinking of buying one, I have over $160 "FIDO Dollars" which would make a nice dent in the price, but I think I'll wait to see how much they want for the Nexus 4.

    1. To nab a GNexus for under $200... steal (and no contract to sign either!).

      Do it... and you could even sell it on kijiji for like $250


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