Friday Night Hangout #13 - Jan 25, 2013

Hey everybody, it's become our weekly ritual to host our Friday Night Hangout.

Its our chance to sit down and chat together about the news from the past week and what we liked or didn't like.

This will make #13 as the group (#4 officially as Android Coliseum).


Superstitious?  We'll have to make this one extra awesome.  Of course we have 3 more Ingress invites to give away!
So what is it?  For those of you who have G+, it's a 'hangout'.  We hold it on-air, meaning it's being live recorded.  So for the first portion we have it just for the team members.

After we're finished the main topics we'll switch over to 'open' after we switch it to 'off air'.  Then we welcome anybody to join in and continue the conversation.

Check out the event on G+ for more information.

For those of you not on G+, you'll have to watch for the video link when it's able to be viewed.  We'll post!

So what are our topics?  We have a file in Drive that we work on:  I'll embed a copy below.

If you have suggestions for some topics, please let us know:

Once the event is happening we'll have a link posted for you to watch.  You can interact with us during the show in one of several ways:
  • any of the ways above (each of us is monitoring a different portion of our social media presence)
  • comment on the youtube video (link will appear once we go live)
  • Google Talk with any of our team
See you guys then.