Final Fantasy Dimensions Review - Worth $20?

I'm a really huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, so when I found out Square Enix had released another version of Final Fantasy for Android, I had to go check it out right away.
However, my excitement quickly changed to disbelief when I saw the $20 price tag.

Final Fantasy Dimensions resembles Final Fantasy V with their interchangeable job skills, as well as how the game is graphically presented to the user.

When I first saw the $20 price tag I decided to skip on this purchase, but shortly after I found myself returning to look at it over and over again, as the Final Fantasy Fanboy inside myself was raging. After committing 8 hours to the game, I'm happy to report that I'm not disappointed in my purchase.

Final Fantasy Dimensions follows your basic story of the original Final Fantasy with the four warriors of light, traveling across the world collecting crystals and saving the world. The twist to this game is the crystals open up character class opportunities to customize your heroes, and being able to combine two job abilities opens the door just that much more.

A great feature to the primary story rarely seen in previous Final Fantasy games is the split points of view. When progressing through Final Fantasy Dimensions you periodically switch between two different parties, both on their each side looking for their lost friends, which are traveling within the other party. This opens the story to several different points of view while progressing through the game, and really keeps the user interested and answers questions along the way.

The reviews and feedback on Final Fantasy Dimensions seems to be really positive, but that haunting $20 price is enough to chase some potential buyers away.

So, is it worth the money? For loyal followers of the FF series, I say yes. For those who're not particularly familiar with the franchise, I say no.


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