Fido users with a RAZR HD update for 4.1.2 available

Dessert time!

Come and get it!

According to my database it's a little ahead of schedule, and only a few folk have been saying they get it.

But hey, any update is always worth it, that's what I say.

So, if you're on Fido and are using the Motorola RAZR HD there should be a new update for ya.
So what is it?  Well... 4.1.2.  Which means you get things like:

  • expandable notifications
  • moar Butter (a la Project Butter)

The update is about 300MB, which is what you would see for an OS only update (remember the One X update was like 600!), so there's probably no new goodies.  Just the OS framework.

But I don't have one, so I can't tell you.  If YOU DO, let us know when you get the update if there's something cool it brings!

If you're not getting the update, remember we have a trick to try to bring it up a little faster.

Mark reviewed this phone a while back, here's his video (when it was still on 4.0.4).

And for those of you playing the home game of following the update tracking, here's the database embedded below
(click here to view it in Google Drive)