Facebook releases Page Manager for Android

Recently a friend has turned to Android from his iDevice, and he loves his Facebook, so was dismayed when he couldn't get Page Manager.  Well, now that seems to be alleviated.

Not sure what that means?  Read on...
Now, what is Page Manager?

Do you have an organization or business you represent, and taken to Facebook for some social networking?  Well, if that's the case you should have set up a PAGE, and not some fake profile (I make it my trolling mission to report fake profiles I find and eliminate them from Facebook).

If you don't know what I just mentioned there you can just skip on to the next article.

Still with me?  Love it or Hate it, Facebook is an important social network to reach an audience, done properly of course.  So for those of you, like me who need to keep tabs on their Pages in FB this is a help.


Okay, but how is it really different from the regular FB app?  From the FB app I automatically act as my page, so I can post ... right?  True, you can.  So what does it do differently or offer?

  • You can view the 'insights' on posts (which you can't see in the normal app).
  • You can view the notifications for that page (in the normal app you could see their might be 1 or 2, but they dont' have the dropdown to see for that page)
Weird that the widget doesn't really work.  I put it on, and when you put it on the screen it opens the app (as if to ask which page or something), but nothing works.

Download from the Play Store Now