Dress up your device with accessories

When I got my first android device - the Samsung Galaxy S - I went crazy on accessories. Spare batteries, colourful backs, cables, cases. It wasn't particularly expensive because I got a lot of things through ebay. Today I still shop ebay for more unique looking items but I've really slowed down on purchases. Partly because stuff I've bought works with more than one device and partly because I know what I really want.

Permanent items I can use across all my devices include a Primo power supply and a Monster Bluetooth speaker. Since getting the Monster, I've acquired a few more including a Phillips dock and that little blue speaker. I have the iFrog Boost which I can use with different phones but haven't tried with a tablet. The Primo is an external battery that will charge my Note 10.1 or Galaxy Tab 10.1 once or my phone a couple of times. I used to worry about cables and chargers but with a couple of Samsung tablet wall adapters and a bunch of cables, I can charge my phone super quickly and even my tablet charges is a few hours. Toss in a few cleaning cloths and I'm set for any device.

For my phone I always get a spare higher capacity battery and a variety of cases to try (again ebay so inexpensive). In the end I use a ghost armour screen protector and carry the device naked. At the moment I also have a little diary case so I can throw my phone, DL and a debit card in my pocket for going to exercise classes.
For my 7" tablet I have a bluetooth keyboard case, a sleeve, a stylus that is also a pen and a ghost armour screen protector.

For my Note 10.1 I've ended up splurging as I got a very nice high quality Zenus case for Christmas, a stylus that feels like a pen in hand, a stylish myrin charging stand and a ghost armour screen protector. Still not a lot of accessories though.

I do love looking for accessories but now that I know what I like, it's more window shopping.  I plan to keep my tablet a long time now that I've settled on a size and I love having a stylus for taking notes. Over time I've realized that all I really want for my phone is a screen protector and a diary case for times I don't want to carry a wristlet or purse.


  1. Accessories are nice but like you said, often expensive if bought outside eBay. I want to buy a charger like the one you're using for your tablet.

    1. they had one on sale yesterday for like $29... i'm trying to find the link, but it was one of those 'daily deals'.

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