Don't you want to have a Lego Bugdroid?

For Christmas my lovely wife got me a Lego set of the Dalek factory.  It'd been years that I'd put anything together and ... well, I didn't quite know what the Dalek factory was, so I was working off of the vague-ish instructions Lego included.

What I needed was something I really was passionate about... something like Android!  Then I'd follow it to a tee and have no issues with.

Enter +Marc Young.  I met him at the +AndroidTO conference last October and he brought a really cool friend.
Marc had been working on this little gem with the Lego Cuusoo program.  As I understand it, a designer, like Marc, can submit a Lego design and then people vote by pledging that they would buy one these.  They don't literally have to plop down a credit card, but it would be wrong to say you would, and then not purchase it after!

After 10,000 'votes' it gets moved on to the "Review Stage".  You can see his post here that he's now only 1,000 votes away from getting to that point.

He does so in some generally humourous fashion

Pretty cool.  I can't wait until the next 995 voters put it in and I can get my hands on one!

Go check out the Cuusoo project and give it your support.