Congrats to this week's Ingress Invite Winners

Congrats to the 3 winners this week for the Ingress Invite Giveaway.

In order to have qualified, you had to do 3 things

  1. Write a public post on Facebook / Twitter / Google+ and tag us in it
  2. Watch our Friday Night Hangout #13 to find the secret word to use in the post ("non-root")
  3. State which keyboard or launcher you're using on your device (stock or otherwise
That was it!  3 lucky folk snapped them up!

Congratulations to:

  • Kayla Q (who uses Swiftkey)
  • Sean O. (who also uses Swiftkey)
  • Scott L. (who also uses Swiftkey)

Swiftkey's my favourite too!  Maybe that should be the next poll?

I've heard that Scott joined the Enlightened.  Hopefully we'll hear what the others joined soon.  Long live the green!

In case you wanted to watch it again: