Congrats to our Ingress Invite winners

Sorry for taking too long on this, but I wanted to wait for confirmation from the recipients.

But, last Friday Night's Hangout we had a giveaway for Ingress Invites.  Folks had to do 3 things to win.

  1. Tweet/FB/Google+ post tagging our site/social media (here's our Twitter, our Facebook and our Google+)
  2. Use our secret word mentioned at the 45min mark on the On Air video (TURNPIKE)
  3. Suggest a question we could ask our readers for today's poll.
So it could look something like "hey, +Android Coliseum TURNPIKE, you should take a poll on who has additional batteries".

I gave until 430pm EST yesterday to look at the submissions and pick 3 winners.

Congratulations to:

  • +Ivan Lightwood (suggested NFC use poll)
  • James Beaumont (suggested mobile security app usage)
  • +Chris Smythe (suggested NFC use poll) - Joined Resistance

So, hope you guys are liking the game.

Thanks again to +Niantic Project for the gift of the invites.  And to those of you who missed out on this round, we have another 3 to give away after our next hangout.  Check it out!