BestBuy Offers Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3 for Free

One of the hottest phones of 2012 leading in to the new year was the smash hit Galaxy S3. This phone continues to be wide spread over the country and is highly desired.

BestBuy is doing their part once again and offering you the Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3 for free on a 3-year deal.

Samsung Galaxy S3, easily one of the most popular phones to land in 2012. The first Samsung device to pack a quad-core processor, 2GB of Ram, alongside LTE connectivity is what really drove this phone to the top.

If you're nearing the end of your current contract or are a new customer looking to sign on, this would be a great time to jump on one of the hottest phones available.
The sale only lasts until January 31st, so don't sit on your hands to long and let this offer pass you by.

BestBuy has the Telus and Bell versions on sale as well, but are only down to $49.99. If you belong to one of these carriers instead of Rogers, perhaps you could push them to match the price with a little persistance ^_~.
This and other great products can be found at your local BestBuy retail store, or by hitting them up online at BestBuy Mobile.