Androids at CES 2013

Hey everybody, it's CES days, and it's a crazy long list of a cool stuff that's been shown off.
So, what's that mean for us?  Well, as a Canadian natured audience, not a whole heck of a lot.  A) we're a pretty apathetic species as a whole and B) we know that many of the items being shown will probably not make it to market, or will take forever to reach Canada (I think A has a lot to do with B).

However, it's still neat to look at what all the cool kids are ooh'ing and aahhh'ing over.  So let's do a run down.  I'll make a database up of anything that's an Android device and let us all take a look at them as they appear.
So, as I'm perusing through the news streams of CES 2013 (some year I'll find a way to get there), I've been using this little 'form' that I made up to enter anything that might be an Android related device.

If you want to 'play along', enter what you see.

So far, here's the list: