Android Stickers and Decals for the FanBoys and Girls

Websites such as AndroidStickers are very bad for my health, they feed what +Ryan Moore calls a strange illness I have that causes me to buy way too many accessories. They have so many great decals I couldn't resist buying X4 of the decal you see below.
Best of all they are cheap!

AndroidStickers is selling this particular decal for $3.50 each with a couple bucks for shipping. I ordered X4 of these guys and my total bill was $18 with shipping included.

I plan to slap this little guy on the back of my Nexus 4

They have many great items other than decals and stickers as well, so if you got a little time and couple dollars in your pocket, why not check them out?


  1. Now after this informative stuff don't need to think any more and need to be concerned about the printing services!

  2. They are so cheap and fun to have! I ended up ordering 7 just for myself.


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