Air Droid 2 beta is available for your testing

So, not only have we talked about Air Droid as a great app during our Friday Night Hangout, Tom I think picked it as his #AppColiseum topic, but I've even mentioned it as a 'thing you must do with your Android'.

So, it was great to get an email today about a new development with it.  Air Droid 2 (beta).

So, at first I was a little concerned about "how did they get my email address", but I've figured I've emailed so many companies and signed up for so many forums that it's probable I've handed it over at some point.

What does this new development bring?  Well, it's a new beta, meaning it's not 100% stable, so they're looking for testers to provide them with feedback.  But it's a great program, and I'd be glad to help make it even better.

First thing you'll notice they updated is bringing in a new feature to 'sign in' to your phone over the internet - no longer does it have to be just on the same WiFi.  Maybe this will help Cass's issue of not being able to connect while at work.

You'll also see that the main screen is gone from the web - and if you want to try this use (instead of

I just saw this now and haven't had a chance to play with it too much, but it does also look to include a 'find my phone' option (which would have to mean you'd have to leave AirDroid running all the time?).

Give it a try, the link for the download is in the email that they sent me below.

Hi all,

We're now happy to announce that AirDroid 2 beta is now ready for you to test.
To test the AirDroid 2, please follow these steps:
  • 1. Click here to download and install the .apk file on your device.
  • 2. You'll be able to start beta testing the app now. Should you have any feedback, please let us know by filling this form (recommended). You can also reach us directly via email It will help us a lot in building a great version.
TipsIn this update, we introduced Remote Connection Mode which will allow you to manage your Android device over the Internet, without restriction to same WiFi network anymore. Please note that, if you're in Remote Connection Mode, you can only transfer files within the size of 20MB each, and there's a total data usage quota of 1GB for each beta tester for free. Please also ensure that you have an affordable data plan for your Android device if you plan to test under 3G/4G network.
WarningAirDroid 2 is still in its very, very early stage of development and it's NOT recommended to use it on a production device. There may be some bugs and usability issues. There are also rare possibilities that you may experience data loss for unknown reasons. So, please use it at your own risk and we'll not be responsible for any damage caused.
Thank you for your participation in this private beta program.
Best Regards,AirDroid Team