A new Nexus 7 with a better display [rumour]

Not that I'm big on rumours ever really... but I am itching for a 7" tablet (I really don't use my 10" anymore, and my father in law just got a Tab 2 7.0", and it's nice).

Perfect size!

But, back when I had a Nexus 7, I had to get 2, and sent them both back for screen issues (dead pixel, loose screen).   Looks like there may be a new model in the works

For those of you who first bought the Nexus 7, you've already got a bit of the shaft as they re-jigged it to be 16/32GB for the prices of the 8/16GB.

Now it looks like there's going to be a new Nexus 7, but this time aiming to have a true HD display in it.  The previous models have had 1280x800, which is quite good for a 7" display.

DigiTimes is hinting that the new model will have 'full HD' (1920x1080?) and some other spec bumps all the while keeping the same desired price point of $200-250.

Maybe it's good I waited!

What do you think?

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