Why I don't root (and it's not because I don't know how.)

The short answer is because I buy my devices on the first day they are available. Canadian devices are just different enough that 1- click rooting isn't available and I'm not that into programming. Unlocking and rooting should be amongst the 1st things you do since unlocking wipes your data.

I get my devices for what they do out of the box. Usually there's a feature I've read about that sounds interesting so I go to a store to try it out. If it's what I expect, I buy it. Sometimes it's for the screen-that was my Galaxy S. Sometimes it's for more screen-the first Galaxy Tab. I got the Note 10.1 for pen input and multi screen. So far happy with both and eagerly waiting for the JB update that will bring even more functionality.

What does this mean for you? Nothing I do will require root. If an app has some root only features, I'll mention them but not demo, of course. As the android os develops, more will be available to the knowledgeable user while keeping it friendly enough for the functional user. I will be getting my device updates along with everyone else-and am likely to encounter the same problems if there are any. Some stuff I want to do requires a computer connection and at least a familiarity with command lines. If I can't find a YouTube video that explains the process so I can do it with written instructions, I won't do it and won't recommend it for you either. Samsung devices are almost impossible to brick but that heart stopping moment of infinite boot looping isn't good for anyone:D If you are a functional user like me, you want your device to...function.

As I keep my devices longer I may find a compelling reason to root. I rooted my Galaxy S so I could overclock the processor. I'm not when I'll update my galaxy nexus or what I'll get next but I can see rooting to overclock again. Some people like it so they can use titanium backup. For me, uploading pictures to dropbox and purchasing apps that back up data to dropbox works well. Your mileage may vary. A lot of people like to scrape stuff they don't want to improve performance. I haven't found a lot of carrier bloat from Bell.

I think in the past we were much more limited in what we could do without rooting. Can you enjoy your device without rooting?


  1. See, I'm always pulled to 'c'mon', let's root, it's a test of my 'geek cred' to be able to do it, but I sometimes don't want to take the 'risk' associated.

    For my first phone, the HTC Magic I rooted as Android was in its infancy and I wanted to see what I could put it through and what could it do (plus the fact that it was almost guaranteed to not get any updates, I wanted something new on it).

    For the Galaxy S, I left it as is ... eventually I rooted, but didn't flash anything, as rooting was a simple trick, and it allowed me to get some apps to do something it normally wouldn't have. It wasn't until I sold it that I put on CM7.

    For my Galaxy Nexus, it was fine as it was... a little bit of carrier bloat, but I liked it. Until it bricked of it's own volition.. then I needed to do some rooting/hacking to get it back. And while there, and starting from scratch, I figured why not... so CM9 went on.

    My S3 is 'virginal' as it'll be sold like that to garner more appeal.

    The Nexus 4... when it comes in.. not sure I'll need to root as I think that Google's done a fantastic job with the OS that there's not much more I'd want to do with it. Maybe, just so airdroid will work for an onscreen display.


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