What's on your home screen? Is it a reflection of you?

One of the best parts of android is being able to customize your device so whatever you want is at your fingertips. This can be confusing so many people either don't optimize their device or put a bunch of icon on so it looks like an iPhone. With a little bit of thought an planning you can have a set up that works for you even if you do not ever change your launcher or add a bunch of applications to set up.

When I plan my screens I think of what I would like to see right away then other things that would be nice not to scroll through the app drawer to find. I also think of what I want available from all screens. I'm basically breaking my screen into 3 areas, the notification area, the dock and the home screen.

The notification area is easy. It's accessible from all screens. By using Widgetsoid you can add anything you want in there. Usually I put toggles there to turn off and on features like Bluetooth and screen rotation.

The dock is the band across the bottom of the screen where you usually get 4 or 5 spots with one being dedicated to the app drawer. It may not show up on a tablet. You can change the applications on the dock and can even put folders on the dock. I put apps I want to access from any screen on the dock knowing I'll get to them in with a swipe and a couple taps.


The home screen is displayed when you unlock your device or hit the home button from inside an app; if you don't change launchers you will have 5 screens available to you. Decide what you want to see then check to see if there's a widget to you get maximum information at a glance. If you like to post to social networks, put a widget on there that shows the latest posts. Most of them have a quick post feature and scroll which is very handy. If your main use is playing music then have a player widget with album art show when you unlock your phone. If you like to use it as an e-reader some apps have a widget that will open directly to your book.

I use my phone to tell me where I need to be so I have an agenda widget as well as the time and weather. The widget scrolls and can access the calendar to add info. It is also linked to Google Tasks so I have a to do list right there. I use my tablet for playing games, editing pictures and reading so the calendar isn't on the home (or any) screen. I also like to see my wall paper so I don't crowd my screens and use transparent widgets when possible.

My other screens have themes. One is for widgets and one is for icons. I use folders to de-clutter the screen and organize the apps. I use 3 screens because more than that and I feels like I'm searching too much. You may like one screen you may like 5. The great thing is we don't have to be the same.

This may seem like a lot of work but at the end you have the info you want the way you want it. Use a personal wallpaper and you'll have a unique setup. It's also a great way to explore your phone without rooting or ROMming.


  1. I'm always shy to share my screens because I've seen some bad ass screens on XDA... the thing is I like it to be practical to the fullest. I need my screens to look squared and symmetric. When I first unlock my phone, I need to be quickly accessing the most used apps and widget(s). I've had the same setup for a while now, although I'm okay changing icons and certain widgets around to fit my taste. I usually go from 3 to 5 screens as needed.


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