Want to get cooking with Android? Try My Cookbook

One of the things I wanted to use my tablet for was as a cook book. I was looking for an app that allows me to enter my own recipes as well as search and download. My Cookbook does just that.

I've been using My Cookbook for over a year. While there are a lot of recipe collections out there, I was looking for something that would integrate what I have with new recipes I find on line. It's only been with recent versions that it's really come alive for me. A true tablet format was implemented with adjustable fonts and a lot of recipe sources were added so you didn't have to run a stand alone script.

It's a very clean simple app. When you open it you have a screen of tiles where you decide what you want to do. When you select list of recipes you see all your recipes, a picture if you have one and a excerpt of the directions. Tap on a recipe and you get the ingredient list and directions. It supports both portrait and landscape mode.

Getting recipes is pretty easy. You can tap the add a recipe button and enter a recipe you use often or you can search for a recipe and import it directly into My Recipes. It supports import from most of the popular recipe sites. A couple of features I really like is the scale your recipe option and that you can edit any recipe. I frequently make 1/2 recipes because there is only 2 of us. In the past I either penciled in the changes or made a mistake somewhere along the way and ended up making the full recipe. The editing feature is great if you like to adjust flavours or cook times for altitude. The application can also pull a shopping list from your list of ingredients, categorize recipes and supports several languages. If you measure ingredients first you can touch the speaker button and the instructions will be displayed with alternating bands of colour so you can keep track of which step you are on. The hands free did not work on my Note but I have used it with other tablets. I don't particularly like it because the voice is not great and says things like "one slash four" instead of "one quarter".

The free version is ad driven but the ads are unobtrusive. I paid for this so I can export my recipe book to Dropbox and import it to any other tablet running the same app. Now if only I would spend more time actually using the recipes I find...