Root your Nexus easily with Toolkit by Wugfresh

For those of you that follow me on Google+, (ahem +Ryan Moore) you'll see that I recently learned the whole 'rooting' thing.  Prior to getting my Nexus 4, I had had help rooting my Galaxy Nexus, and I somehow bumbled my way through putting CM7 on my Galaxy Captivate before selling it.

I had never really done the whole thing on my own.  With the N4, I was determined to learn it on my own.
So, I looked and looked, and there were some toolkits out there, but they didn't specifically say they were for the newest updated version of JB (4.2.1), so I was wary, and I went and did more research and learned. Eventually I ended up using the Root Toolkit as found on XDA v.1.3

However, as I said, there were newer versions, so I wasn't sure it'd work, but in the end it did.  Now this isn't a 'pretty method'.  As those of you who are familiar with Linux, etc... you're fine with command line prompts and DOS'esque style kits.  I'm partially familiar, but it's been a few years.  Just was hoping for something simpler.

What was nice, is that it forced me to learn and understand what was happening at each step, so I was comfortable.

It may not be for everybody, so this is where a newer Toolkit has come in thanks to Wugfresh.

His Nexus Root Toolkit is 'windows style' and makes things feel a little more 'comfortable' for those less familiar with command line prompts.  And it works for just about any Nexus device.

Just install to your windows device, then run.  It's darn near idiot proof.  Personally, I liked being forced to learn so that I understand.  However, not every user out there wants that, they want something simple.  This is for those in between who want to root and flash, but aren't comfortable.

As with any 'hacking' advice on this site, we take no responsibility for anything that might happen to your device.  But, follow the steps, and the video, and you should be just fine!