Root your LG Nexus 4 with a Mac

So I decided to post this for Mac users, as most the guides seem to favor PC users.
Thought I cannot take credit for the guide, I only took an existing guide and simplified it. The guide I had taken this from had a lot of useless steps and unnecessary explanations that only made the process more confusing.

Follow this guide EXACTLY without skipping steps.

- Download the RootNexus4.Zip and place the "" within the folder to the Root of your Nexus 4. Leave the RootNexus4 folder on your Desktop

- Power off your phone.

- Enter your phone into Bootloader Mode by press and holding volume down and power button.

- Now plug in your phone via microUSB.

- Open Terminal and type:
cd Desktop
cd RootNexus4
./fastboot-mac oem unlock

- Go to your phone and press the volume up and power button to unlock your bootloader.

- Go back to Terminal and type:
./fastboot-mac flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

- Select the Start by hitting your Power Button

- Since we just flashed ClockworkMod Recovery we automatically entered into ClockworkMod Recovery for the first time.

- Choose "wipe data/factory reset", then select "yes".

- Then flash "" from the root of your device.

- Reboot and you're all done!

Of course this is one of those Use At Your Own Risk Situations. I'm not responsible for anything that may go wrong due to human error or malfunction. This is a simple guide, you're the one pulling the trigger.

Once again, This is a guide that I simplified. I take no credit.