Kii Keyboard combats Swype and SwiftKey

One thing that's hard to really decide on is what the perfect keyboard is, and no I'm not talking about Perfect Keyboard.

One things Android has no shortages of is the number of optional keyboards. Some perform extremely well and fit the user like a glove, and others fall far from the mark. You're only reasonable option is to try a bunch of them and see what fits your typing style the best.

One of our favorite keyboards here at Android Coliseum is SwiftKey, but that doesn't mean we're blind to alternative options that may arise in the future.

Kii Keyboard has entered the Coliseum to challenge the field offering accurate and smart keyboard predictions to combat Swiftkey. Currently all features are free during the beta testing period, so why not give them a chance?

Main features:

  • Accurate and smart keyboard predictions
  • Extra number key row
  • Extra arrow key row
  • Swiftkey like next word prediction
  • Gesture keyboard control
  • Swype like gesture input
  • Thumb Keyboard like split keyboard layouts
  • Support iOS6 emoji input
  • 8 build-in HD themes
  • Support a variety of themes: Go Keyboard, Better Keyboard, Themeshop Keyboard themes
  • Font and color customization
  • Use any pictures as keyboard background
  • True Multi-touch keyboard
  • Jelly Bean 4.2 keyboard
Kii Keyboard is still in early stages and may contain the odd bug or two, but according to the comments and ratings of this app, it seems to be pretty well received.