iSyncr updates to support Android 4.2 and more

iSyncr for Mac - iSyncr for PC

iSyncr is an app for Android I've been using for quite some time now and is a valued member of my app drawer family.

JRTStudio just updated iSyncr to support Android 4.2 and now keeps track of your video play counts as it did with your music.

Before I even started my Android career I rolled with Apple's iPhone. iSyncr made my life a whole lot easier in terms of keeping my music managed the way I know and love. Nothing is more aggravating than jumping from one platform to another to find out nothing works like it use to anymore, and we all know Apple doesn't play well with others.

All that being said, iSyncr allows your Android phone to sync to your iTunes via USB and/or wirelessly. Not only does it sync your music and videos with you Android, it also carries the art work over and play counts. Many other features are also found within the applications that makes me highly recommend this application to former iPhone users such as myself.

To give you a general idea what iSyncr can do for you if setup right. My phone syncs itself to my iTunes wirelessly every morning at 3AM, syncing my music, videos, podcasts, and all their respective play counts. Pretty impressive huh, well that's not all. I also have it setup to upload any new pictures and music I may have taken or downloaded during my daily usage all at the same time. It syncs while I sleep so when I wake in the morning my device is waiting for me, rather than me waiting for my device.

iSyncr comes in a PC and MAC version and holds a price of $3.99.
This may seem to be a little expensive, but you won't regret it.


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