Google releases their top 12 games of the year, or did they?

Google releases their "Best of Games 2012". They supposedly picked the best games of 2012, but was their selection accurate?

This is the list of the "Best of Games 2012":

My first impression of this list was one of confusion. Some of the games Google had picked are clear top contenders, where some of the others I haven't even heard of, or simply only had the spotlight for a couple weeks and faded away.

My mind asks the question: In what way did Google pick these apps for them be to among the top of 2012? but All that aside. Do you agree with this list? If not, suggest a couple candidates of your own of which you think should have been on this list. 


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    1. Death Dome, GTA, Mine Craft, Angry Birds StarWars.

      These games for example are leaps and bounds better and popular than what's up there on the list right now.

  2. How many of them did you try out?
    I tried Nun Attack, and I downloaded ShadowGun. The rest I hadn't really ever heard of. Then again it's that one guy's opinion too.

    Where's INGRESS!?!

    1. I've tried out, Nun Attack, NFS, Naught, Granny Smith, and the Bards Tail I played on the PSX years n years ago. The rest i've never heard of or really even seen on the top Paid or top free games for longer than a week or two, if at all


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