Google Play Books will now read to you

Say whu?

The latest update to the Google Play apps (there were a lot recently) is Play Books.  It gives you some custom zooming option (by way of double tapping or pinch-to-zoom), but interestingly it brings you the option to have books read to you.

Hmm.. I'm not sure if I'm a bit appalled at the 'lazy factor' (but I do see the benefit of the accessibility to those with disabilities), or if it'd be cool.  I notice that when I read books  when I'm on planes, or longer drives etc... it can sometimes be hard to read as you're bopping about.  This option might be a way to put it in  your pocket and have it read to you.  Then, when you're ready, just pick up reading where it stopped reading to you.  Could it work that way?  That'd be neat.

As +Mark Lastiwka showed off his Moon+ Reader app in last week's #AppColiseum, it was nice, but nothing (in my honest opinion) beats a Google Service

What's in this version:
You can now listen to most flowing text books using the "Read aloud" feature.
You can now pinch-zoom or double-tap-zoom in all books.
All text editing features are available for notes.
Personalized recommendations are shown at the end of your library and at the end of the books.
Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements are included.

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