GMail now at 4.2 - let the zooming commence

So, yeah, the app now is updated to allow for zooming regardless if you're on 4.0, 4.1 or 4.2.  Gingerbread users, sorry...

This has been an long time coming update.  Ever since Cupcake, there really hasn't been a change to the underlying structure of the UX.  The UI, that's had the addition of the 'panels' with Honeycomb, and some jazzing up with the swiping left/right that ICS brought.  But as other email apps went far and above what Gmail does, mirroring our weblike experience, the stoic base, our central Google experience, Gmail has lingered.

Well, today's update does away with that.  It allows for zooming.  No Rich Text features (dammit), but ... baby steps.  That's what Google's all about.  Now only if they would update Reader.

Except when you go to open it to try the zooming, it's not selected by default.

I really appreciate the fact that Google is letting their apps out of their 'clutch' and letting you download / update them individually from the system.  In the old days, you need a fix for the calendar, it's a whole system update.  Now it's just that app.  Saves me from having to use the TouchWiz S-Planner, when all I really want is a calendar.

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