Did you get a Nexus 4?

Nexus 4 (16GB) - Google Play:

Yup, today was the day that we, Canadians, could order them.  #awesome
(yes, I know hashtags don't work in blog articles)

And here's the great thing(s)... not only did the notification system work like it should, and they started ON TIME, but you could process with out all the 'emptying your cart' scenario.

Now, they were limited to only 1 per account, so that changed from how it was in the US last time around.  But luckily I was able to get one.  Some, with multiple accounts, were able to get theirs, sign out, re-log back in with their other account, and purchase another.  (That's some fast typing there Siv)

Compared to last time round, it was a breeze!  I sat at my computer between 2-3 (EST) refreshing about every minute or so.  Didn't want to be caught without this time.

What's interesting in how it will play out is the time delay.  When I ordered mine it said 1-2 weeks.

Mark and Tom got theirs in a few minutes or so after me and theirs said 3-4.  Someone else who said 'success' after that said 5-6.

Whether that's because the sheer volume was pushing everything back, or the first round of batches sold out, and the next batch aren't really due in for that time delay... who knows (Renaud posted that he believes it to be the latter).  I know what I'm hoping.

I'm also hoping that it comes while I'm at work (that's where I have it shipping to), and it's before my holidays.  I don't want to have to go into work and wait by myself (we close the office down for a week), or track down the UPS guy.

So, while I'm waiting... what should I do to prepare?