CyanogenMod 10.1 officially released for Galaxy Nexus

Yes, That time is finally here!
The official nightly builds for the Galaxy Nexus (GSM Maguro) has started, today marking the first build.
Because this is the first nightly release, there are bound to be a couple bugs until they iron out everything. So if you're a chronic flasher such as myself, you'll have no problem heading over to the download page and flashing this new nightly ASAP

You can find the download page here.

Don't forget to download the new updated 4.2.1 Gapps that goes with CM10.1

Happy flashing ya'll!


  1. Ya man! I'm diggin' into it right now and lovin' every piece of it!

  2. Yeah, I tried it out on the wife's phone last night.
    Despite reading the article by Tom, I still forgot to update the Gapps, caused me a bit of a panic!
    But it's awesome (having some force closes on the clock tho').

  3. Interesting about the FC with the clock because I was having them on CM 10.0 every time I was in clock and hit the Home button...

    Now in CM 10.1, I didn't get a single FC and I did try everything!

  4. I had to revert back to Samsung roms.
    It's still a little unstable, and my phone is noticeably slower :(
    No worries, in a couple weeks I won't even care anymore once my Nexus 4 arrives.


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